Our Beautifully Renovated Workroom!

~ Writer: Jhoana Aclan; Editor: Bella Firpo; Photo credits: Ana Pereverzeva

Dear SFSU CD Students,

Finally the time that we have been waiting for! To our continuing students, thank you for your patience and to our junior class, welcome to our workroom!

Welcome written on board

Our revised workroom welcomes all Communicative Disorders major students and our supportive staff. The workroom consist of multiple organized bookshelves with labeled bins on each shelf where you will find materials necessary for therapy sessions. There are couple MAC computers that you may use which is connected to a printer. There are also two spacious tables where you can study and review your notes before or after class with four rolling chairs on each table.

The workroom also includes a microwave with utensils (e.g. cups, tissue, plates, forks, spoons etc.) We also have electric water boiler for your coffee or tea. Did I mention coffee? Yes, we also provide coffee, creamer, tea, sugar, and som other supplies. Once you have your coffee or tea made, you are more than welcome to sit on our comfortable couches with decorative throw pillows. While sitting in these comfortable new couches, you can enjoy great natural light from the outside window which is one of the best places to sit and read your textbooks before class.


Now that you are aware of what is in our workroom, we kindly ask for you to follow the rules that are provided on the wall of the room. We all know that this workroom makeover didn’t happen magically and it took some hard work and much time to make all this happen.

NSSLHA extends a special thank you to the most amazing ladies, Mallorie and Jennifer, who took time off from their busy schedule over the summer and first two months of fall semester to organize our workroom. We all appreciate the work that both of them put to this workroom makeover and we were very pleased with the outcome of this new workroom. Thank you very much, Mallorie and Jennifer!

Mallorie and Jennifer and students

Again, welcome to our new workroom everyone!

NSSLHA Members and Officers

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