A Thank You to Our Supporters

Written by Melissa Jennings – Social Chair of the SFSU NSSLHA chapter
Edited by Isabella Firpo – Media coordinator of the SFSU NSSLHA chapte

San Francisco State University’s NSSLHA Chapter would like to take the time to thank the many companies that have helped us have such a successful school year thus far. The Fall 2014 semester was one for the books. With the help of Pasta Pomodoro in San Bruno and Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem we were able to raise an amazing amount of money to help us in our financial endeavors. Pasta Pomodoro is a wonderful Italian restaurant in the San Bruno Bayhill Shopping Center that hosts many local organizations and schools in order to raise money. Dr. Teeth is one of San Francisco’s coolest nightlife hot spots. They specialize in fun, drinks, and doing what nobody thought was deliciously possible with America’s beloved potato side dish, the Tater-Tot. Dr. Teeth, which is located at 19th and Mission, is an establishment that dedicates every Thursday to fundraising. It is the day of the week where anyone can have a chance at raising a great deal of money while having an absolute blast with their friends. We are extremely grateful to both of these restaurants for hosting and supporting us.

We would also like to make a very large shout out to the major companies that have donated food to our student organization. Safeway, Trader Joes, and Starbucks have all allowed us to throw both our annual fall and spring semester orientations with a beautiful spread of breakfast goods. Safeway has donated multiple gift cards to us which have allowed us to feed our students at our fall orientation. For our spring orientation, Trader Joes will be donating a generous amount of bagels and orange juice for our students to munch on. Last but certainly not least, Starbucks. Starbucks has provided us with huge coffee carriers for both of these events. Both carriers contain enough coffee for a whole program of students and faculty. As we all know, college students simply could not survive without the help of coffee. So, Starbucks we adore you for constantly being so generous to our student organization. SFSU NSSHLA feels so thankful to be in an area where local businesses are so supportive and giving. The pleasure is all ours and we hope sustain these great relationships for the years to come. Your support means everything to us!

National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association of San Francisco State University

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